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Tart Shell For Sale

Tart Shell For Sale
Save your time and waste no more. Now you can order tart shell from RitzariKitchen.com. RM32/box for plain or colorful tart shell. 100 pcs per box.

Cupcakes Prices

(Updated 01/05/2012)

For All-time Favorite Cupcake
- Chocolate Moist cupcake (All-time favorite)   
- Butter cupcake with vanilla or orange flavor
- Buttercream topping  

Please take note that the prices quoted below is for simple decoration only.  
Up to 3 different colors.   
Note : There will be additional price
- for individual plastic casing, add RM0.30/pc
- for edible image, add RM1.50/pc - RM2.00/pc
- for special cupcake box plus beautiful ribbon, add RM10.00/set to RM15.00/set
- for chocolate ganache topping, add RM10.00/set
- for freshcream topping, add RM10.00/set
- for simple gumpaste flower, add RM10.00/set
- for fresh fruits (e.g. strawberry) - add RM10.00 to RM15.00, as we will follow current market price

Size and Price 
Note:- Final price will be given upon confirmation on the design and add-on of the  accessories.
1.  2 oz Souffle Cup - Small
    16 pcs/box - from RM55.00
    25 pcs/box - from RM70.00
    36 pcs/box - from RM85.00

2.  2.5 oz Souffle Cup - Medium
    16 pcs/box - from RM65.00
    25 pcs/box - from RM80.00
    36 pcs/box - from RM100.00

3.  3 1/4 oz Souffle Cup - Large
    16 pcs/box - from RM75.00
    25 pcs/box - from RM105.00

4.  1 oz Souffle Cup - Mini
    49 pcs/box - from RM75.00
    98 pcs/box - from RM125.00

For Premium Cupcakes

1.  Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese topping
     S souffle size
     16 cupcakes - RM65 
     25 cupcakes - RM90 

     M souffle size
     16 cupcakes - RM75
     25 cupcakes - RM100

2.  Carrot Walnut with cream cheese topping
     M souffle size only
     16 cupcakes - RM65
     25 cupcakes - RM90

3.  Orange Cheese Cupcakes with orange gel topping
     M souffle size only
     16 cupcakes - RM70
     25 cupcakes - RM95

4.  Tiramisu Cupcakes
     M souffle size only
     16 cupcakes - RM70
     25 cupcakes - RM95

Note:- Final price will be given upon confirmation on the design and add-on of the  accessories. 

For Fondant Cupcakes 
  •  Total price of the fondant cupcakes depend on the final design.  Starting price is RM10 per cupcake with 2D design. 

For Cupcake Bouquet
  • Price start from RM120/bouquet, for 15pcs of S size souffle cupcakes.  Including message tag.

For Door Gifts item of Wedding or Corporate Event
Please take note for bulk order on door gift, drop an email to rose@ritzarikitchen.com or ritzaribakery@gmail.com for the special price.

 * One Friendly Note:  Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


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