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Tart Shell For Sale

Tart Shell For Sale
Save your time and waste no more. Now you can order tart shell from RitzariKitchen.com. RM32/box for plain or colorful tart shell. 100 pcs per box.


Interested to order door gift for your upcoming event?
Drop an email to me at rose@ritzarikitchen.com or 
or you can text or whatsapp me at 019.370 1923 for further inquiry.
P/S :- And DO PLEASE mentioned your name when you text me. :)

We are serving cupcakes, cookies,  sweets,  chocolate, muffin and kerepek for majlis aqiqah, wedding or even for corporate event. For inquiry and quotation, drop an email to me at rose@ritzarikitchen.com or text/whatsapp me at 019.370.1923.

Why I did not mention the prices over here?  As our door gifts are customized for each and unique customers, I am not able to do so.  For your rough idea, starting price for our doorgift product is RM2.00. I would much appreciate if you could drop an email to me stating your requirements as well as your budget and from there we can discuss further to fulfill your needs.

 We pick our best recipes for our doorgift.  It will not disappoint you and your guests.

Here are the samples of the cupcakes, cookies, brownies and bars, sweets, chocolate and muffin
plus its packaging.

Door Gift - Cupcakes
Budget cupcakes for budget door gift pack
Plain cupcake
M size souffle

 Another budget cupcakes for budget door gift pack
Chocolate moist cupcake with royal icing drizzle
M size souffle
Royal icing drizzle can be your color theme

And pack in flowery plastic with your theme color ribbon and TQ tag

Simple design door gift cupcakes
Cupcakes with buttercream topping and flowers
You can choose either S size souffle or M size souffle
Up to 3 different colors for the flowers decoration
 A rosette buttercream swirl
Pack in plastic container with dome casing.  
You can also customized it with your theme color ribbon and a TQ tag.

Swirl design cupcakes
Buttercream topping with a gumpaste ribbon/flower/mini M and Ms
M size souffle

Swirl design cupcakes
Buttercream topping with few gumpaste flowers
M size souffle

 Especially for Majlis Aqiqah
Swirl design cupcakes
Buttercream topping with chocolate toppers (baby theme)
M size souffle
Pack in plastic container with dome casing stick with theme color ribbon
baby theme cupcake


For more exclusive deco, you can request M size souffle cupcake with fondant topping
baby theme cupcake

Fondant Cupcakes
 M size souffle
Individual packaging 
Dome Casing decorated with ribbon


Pack your cupcakes inside one of these boxes.
Cupcake box with handle and base holder
Cupcake box with handle
Square cupcake box with base holder
Colorful cupcake box with handle but no base holder
My own opinion : Colorful, fancy but less safety for the cupcake :)
Transparent cupcake box. No handle or base holder

Door Gift - Cookies in the Jar

Using our hot selling chocolate chips cookies recipe
cookies in a jar

 Jar can be decorate with dollies, theme color ribbon and customize sticker.

6 pcs of Chocolate Chips Cookies in jar


Congo Bar packed in gold PVC casing. 
Size 2 x 2 inches

Congo Bar packed in transparent plastic with dollies decoration
3 x 3 inches

7 pcs of sweets/chocolate pack into the jar.
Choices of sweets/chocolate will be forwarded to customer during the discussion
Packed with dollies, sticker and butterly accessories
Sweets in a jar

Door Gift - Chocolate 
2Hearts Chocolate
2Hearts Chocolate packed in a square gold box
Come with theme color ribbon and thank you sticker

Door Gift - Choco Lollipop for Kiddo

Choco Lolli with edible image

Wrap in transparent plastic

Door Gift - Muffin
We served Plain Vanilla Muffin, Chocolate Muffin and  Chocolate Chips Muffin.  These muffins are the most ordered muffin.  You can size the size of the muffin cup for your guests.

Chocolate Chips Muffin
Individually packed in a flowery plastic
You can request to tie-up with your theme color ribbon
 or to make it more special
flowery plastic packaging with theme color ribbon and dollies

Special request muffin
Oreo Chocolate Muffin
Suitable for kids birthday party

Interested??? If yes, drop an email to me at rose@ritzarikitchen.com for the quotation.  Or you can also text/whatsapp  me at 019-3701923 and DO PLEASE mentioned your name. :) We can discuss further to suit your budget. :)

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